It's me !


So how to start ?

Let's start with my birth in the Ardens.
Shakespeare married Mary, me, I was born there. Is it a first link ?
no. Let's be honnest : I said "Cha-keuh-spey-a-Reuh" definitely 'till 12.


Anyway, I couldn't have been myself without the hills of the Ardens, without its nature and its beauty. It's wonderful, even when the farmers spread the liquid manure over fields.

My dad was a walker, a bird lover, a silent soul. He offered me that love. And now I dream about being an Ethologist (when I grow up).

On the Sacred Year of 2006

I disobeyed my mom and didn't went to sleep on time. I couldn't have : I had zapped on Sleepy Hollow and had a revelation. That's possibly the worst thing I've ever done as a child, but when I see the impact it had on my life, I can't imagine what over-smoking and horrible hangover could have done to me.  

'til then I was thinking I wanted to be a psychologist. But suddenly I felt in love with ACTING - Thanks Johnny <3

That's when I became a know-it-all and a bookworm

Likewise Hermione, I knew nothing of the magical world I was about to enter in : theater. I didn't even knew what pejorative was meaning, it was awkward. So, as much as Hermione, I've started to read and being curious.
I became the 1st of my class, and have been stucked to that image since then. There is nothing nice about it after all, tell yah.

Yes, that's a pen on this picture

After my acting studies, I lived a dream. I always wished to perform in a swashbuckling play AND I DID.
My first professional steps on a stage, right after my graduation, were for The three musketeers in the role of Constance. It was massively awesome.

After five years I did plenty of things.
I've worked in many plays, I've worked as actress, assistant director, director, scenograph,... I've learnt so much !
I've performed in movies and short movies, and I even produce some as well.

Let's be honnest, my next goal is to be the next James Bond Girl and work with Netflix ;^)


I'm sure it is totally possible

And if you want to know more : yes, I put the milk BEFORE the cereals (come on people, d'you really like softened cereals ?), and I pour MILK in my tea (yes Sir !) and I am a freelance media creator (oh yes I love all of that) and  also an illustrator. I think you know me now, more than my hairdresser.

Yes, I'm really active and curious and passionate.